The Reuter facility accommodates a substantial inventory of used pipe organ components. Sometimes entire instruments become available through our trade-in, brokers, or consignment services. Used instruments may simply be sold “as is” or they may also be redesigned and refurbished for a custom installation, complete with warranty. This page features some of the larger items currently offered for sale.

Reuter Opus 1618

Built in 1967

2 manuals, 5 ranks

Electro-pneumatic action

Reuter Opus 1267

Built in 1959

2 manuals, 7 ranks

Electro-pneumatic action

Reuter Opus 2166

Built in 1994

2 manuals, 9 ranks

Oak, mechanical action

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Reuter Organ

Built in 1992

12 ranks, electro-pneumatic action

Console available

Reuter Organ

Built in 1962

47 ranks, electro-pneumatic action

3-manual drawknob console

Schantz Organ

Built in 1969

2 manuals, 25 ranks

Electro-pneumatic action

Reuter Console

Built in 1971

3 manuals, drawknobs

White/walnut, roll top

Reuter Organ

Built in 1972

11 ranks, electro-pneumatic action

2-manual rolltop console

Reuter Console

Built in 1946

2 manuals, stopkeys

Oak case, roll top

Möller Console

Built in 1968

2 manuals, drawknobs

Rift white oak, rolltop