Your Pipe Organ Project

Restoration / Refurbishment

The Reuter Organ Company has a well-established reputation for successful work with existing instruments. When a client wishes to update an instrument, every effort is made to use the best parts of the current installation to advantage and without musical compromise. Chests and reservoirs may simply need new leather to return their capability to “like new” quality. Consoles can be very restorable with the addition of new keytops, stop actions and pistons, assuming the jambs will provide enough space for the addition of any needed stops. Console panels can be replaced and console shells can be refinished to match original woodwork. New solid state combination actions and switching systems will provide countless years of quiet, trouble-free service.

Sometimes pipes can be relocated for better sound projection into a room. Existing ranks can be re-scaled with the addition or substitution of several pipes in the set to produce a fuller, richer tone in the ensemble. Some ranks of pipes may take on new life at another pitch level by the addition of just one octave of pipes in the bottom or top of their range. The tongues and shallots that vibrate in the foot of reed pipes to produce the stop’s initial tone can sometimes be changed with dramatic results and abundant cost savings over new ranks.

In some cases existing chests, reservoirs, consoles and pipework present too many challenges to produce a musical result in a restoration project. Old components are then retired and new elements can be added as required. The Reuter Organ Company can update an instrument’s tonal scheme with excellent results. New pipework is carefully voiced and melded into a compelling, new tonal palette – a natural evolution of renewed color and clarity based on the best resources of the original.

First United Methodist Church, Bay Minette, Alabama