When the Reuter firm was established in 1917, an article appeared in The Diapason announcing that the goal of the company was “to put out an organ second to none.”

The organ at Trinity Episcopal Church in Mattoon, Illinois, was the company’s first installation. This two-manual instrument has now provided over 90 years of service and is still in regular use today.

Statement of Purpose

At The Reuter Organ Company we take pride in building pipe organs using time-honored methods that have developed over centuries of tradition. We rely on the rich, diverse history of the instrument for our inspiration, without rigid adherence to one particular style of design or construction.

Pipe organs are strongly associated with places of worship. In addition to playing solo literature and use with other instruments, they accompany choral masterworks and lead congregations in the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Whether an organ is intended for a church, synagogue, or concert hall, our goal is to build instruments that enhance the musical traditions of our clients.

We approach tonal design by creating a stop list that is appropriate for our client’s needs. The stops are selected and proportioned to combine in cohesive, pleasing ensembles, and each pipe is voiced to take its place in the overall scheme. Our visual designs are carefully conceived to complement each installation environment.

We promise to serve those who purchase and play our instruments with integrity. Our long-tenured staff possess a great wealth of organ building experience. They carefully craft each Reuter organ, using the finest materials available, to produce a satisfying, artistic result that will last for generations.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Matoon, Illinois
Trinity Episcopal Church, Matoon, Illinois