The Reuter Warranty -- Eleven Years -- Our Guarantee To Reuter Customers

Reuter warrants this Pipe Organ to be constructed with materials and technology available consistent with fine organ building. If, within six years after its installation, a mechanical or material defect should develop, it will be corrected without cost to the purchaser upon prompt written notice to Reuter. For an additional period of five years, should malfunction occur due to defective mechanical or material parts, such parts will be replaced at no cost, except that expenses such as shipping, transportation, and labor to accomplish such replacement will be paid by the owner. This warranty is applicable only if normal and regular service is performed by Reuter-approved personnel. Normal service, including tuning or regulation, and any malfunction due to damage from either the elements or vandalism are not part of this warranty. Reuter cannot and will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages which might be claimed by anyone. All such damages are specifically excluded from this warranty to the extent permitted by applicable law.

About Our 11-Year Warranty

Each Reuter pipe organ is the sole creation of the builder and not in any way an assembled product. Except for blowers, rectifiers, and various electrical components, we craft all items on site. Materials are guaranteed to be of the highest grade and the best available to world markets. From the initial design to the final installation and tonal finishing, our pipe organs are built by experts who are specialists in their own particular phase of organ building. We are confident in our skills and are pleased to offer one of the leading warranties in the industry.